DIY Tutorials By Local Blogger!

On December 3, 2014

Carli Bybel

New Jersey YouTuber and blogger Carli Bybel is known worldwide for beauty tips and tutorials from clothing, makeup, lifestyle, hair and many more. Check out a few of her hair tutorial videos to try out on your own and if you cant accomplish these great looks check out the list of salons we have here on our site and they can recreate the look and many more.


Have frizzy or curly hair? Check out this tutorial to learn how to get the perfect blowout, even with hard to tame hair!


If your hair is flat and static-y due to the winter not so wonderland weather, watch this tutorial to learn how to get big voluminous hair!

Big Hair

Although summer is over it doesn’t mean we can’t still rock the summer beach waves, watch this video to learn how to perfect your big waves and curls!

 Big Waves

Don’t forget, if you can’t recreate these looks on your own click here to find a salon that will be able to perfect it for you!




































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