Fight Winter Frizz with a Keratin Treatment

On November 11, 2014

We absolutely love the sleek fashion that comes along with the winter, from a-line skirts to black long coats there is nothing sexier and more chic. With the cold weather bringing about this amazing fashion change, nothing can be more frustrating than the style don’t that the cold can bring as well. One thing in particular, being what the cold can do to your gorgeous locks. Instead of sleek, silky hair to match the stylish winter fashion, this cold weather brings about frizz and breakage to most ladies. If you’re someone who is plagued by this terrible winter tragedy, don’t worry, we know just the thing to help get you back on your fashion forward feet. A Keratin treatment!

Keratin treatment 1

A Keratin treatment will help make your hair shinier, straighter and even healthier this winter is a Keratin hair treatment. This Brazilian hair magic, is a semi permanent, hair smoothing, curl softening professional chemical treatment that has been causing quite a stir in the hair world. With amazing results left and right, there is no reason why your winter should be filled with uncontrollable frizz and breakage.

Keratin treatment 2


The Keratin treatment process is also easy and painless, so there is no need to worry! Typically, your hair is first washed with a clarifying shampoo and then blow dried before the treatment is applied and combed through your hair. Then after a little waiting, the hair stylist will blow dry your hair again and use a hot iron to seal in the miraculous treatment. Then the only catch would be, that some treatments require you not to wash, put your hair up, or even behind your ears for 72 hours to ensure that it lasts. After that, enjoy the next 3-6 months of gorgeous silky smooth hair!

Some local salons that specialize in the Keratin treatment are :

Heads and Tails

Rapunzel’s Beauty Salon

Andre Richard’s Salon

and more!

If you’re still not convinced, check out this awesome video that Heads and Tails salon posted specifically about the Keratin treatment!

Keratin treatment3

So, if you are someone who battles uncontrollable curls, crazy frizz and constant breakage, there is no reason why you shouldn’t book a consultation with your favorite hair salon that offers Keratin treatments today!

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