Must Try Hair Colors For Fall 2014

On October 15, 2014

Well its officially fall and as the leaves start to change colors and fill our streets with a new look why not join the leaves and change your look too? A new season means a new you, so pick up the phone and book an appointment today to dive head first into fall with one of these seasonal shades.

Dulled Down Blonde

As summer starts to fade away so does the platinum and ice blonde. We aren’t saying to go from bright blonde hair to dark brown hair but what we are seeing is the trend of toning down the brightness by adding darker roots. This look is seen on many stars such as one of our favorites, Taylor Schilling!

Taylor Schilling



This hair color for fall is perfect if you are stuck debating on going blonde or brown or to keep your current color this is the look that might just help make that decision. For this look you are going to want to keep your current color, so if you are currently brown you will want to have your stylist keep the highlights off the top of the head, scattering honey-blonde slices around the eyes, cheekbones, and neckline like Chrissy Tiegen!


Christine Teigen


Dark Ombrè

We love the ombrè look and always have but sometimes it does need a little fix up to follow the trending hair colors for fall. With the dark ombrè you still keep your dark roots but instead of blending the bottoms into a light brown or blonde keep it a little more subtle with a color that isn’t too far from your roots. Check it out on Kerry Washington.

Kerry Washington


Dark Chocolate

Another dark brown look for this season, similar to the dark ombrè this look just has hues of dark brown “chocolate” peeking throughout your hair. You can even mix the chocolate with a chestnut color to re-create this look, which is shown on Selena Gomez,

Selena Gomez

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