New Men’s Barbershop in Rittenhouse!

On March 6, 2019
DAPR Grooming Parlour

DAPR Grooming Parlour


Contact Info:

(215) 618-3089

125 S. 18th Street, 2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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About Us:


Part speakeasy, part urban retreat, DAPR Grooming Parlour is a haven of tranquility for the socko man, in the heart of Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.  Step into our sumptuous space and help yourself to a drink in our penthouse; enjoy the views of the street below from our floor to ceiling glass windows, and take in the hustle and bustle of the city around you. Soak in the calm sanctuary of our urban oasis.


Each of our bespoke barbers’ chairs has been handcrafted in Osaka, Japan by the master artisans at Takara Belmont, making them the most luxurious chairs in the City of Brotherly Love. Sit back in them, as you melt into a classic hot shave or an award-winning trim.  Let the day slip away as you luxuriate in our Yume Chair (known as the most opulent head message experience in the world), and receive the only Tokyo Style Head-Spa treatment in our region. Let the scents of highly curated grooming products mingle with the aroma of the specialty cocktail in your glass; then, allow us to handle the rest. We are here just for you. Our team will ensure when you step out of the DAPR Grooming Parlour, you will leave a better man, without a hair out of place.


Founded by Josh DeMarco, a nationally recognized top educator and dedicated stylist; staffed by a passionate team who have all been trained with his award-winning precision. Our establishment is somewhere to drop in for conversation, a beverage, and rejuvenation. We have a DEDICATED APPROACH TO PERSONAL REFINEMENT unsurpassed by any other. DAPR is a space for those like-minded Philadelphians, looking to kick their feet up, after a long day of making the world spin. Mix, Mingle, Groom, Repeat.

This is more than just a men’s barbershop.


About Founder, Josh DeMarco:


JOSH DEMARCOis a Philadelphia based hairstylist and educator.

He is currently opening Philadelphia’s first high-end men’s salon in the prestigious Rittenhouse neighborhood of Center City, Philadelphia.


Josh has just been named Best Men’s Haircut in the United States by Cosmo Prof(the largest beauty distributor in the world, based in Bologna, Italy) at the 2018 Licensed to Create Show in Las Vegas. Though he is an accomplished stylist, (“Best International Emergent Talent” Paris, France, 2017-first American ever to win), he has found there is a gap in the Philadelphia market for luxurious men’s hair and grooming services. Josh has been exposed to a multitude of the world’s finest salon education opportunities, which has helped him craft his own unique skills behind the chair and lead to his dynamic career. He is a devoted artist who is passionate about helping others achieve success through education.


In 2015, 2016 and 2017 Josh was a finalist in Behind The Chair’s “#OneShot” Awards(largest hair industry awards show in the world), and named one of Philadelphia’s best men’s hairstylists by Philadelphia Magazine. In 2016 Josh won WELLA’s Regional Trend Vision Awards, along with Sebastian Professionals “What’s Next Awards”People’s Choice award, which was a testament to his dedication and obsession for his craft. In 2017 Wella Professionals North America honored Josh with “The Best Digital Content” Award. Shortly after Estetica Magazine chose Josh to represent North America in “The Mentor: Best Emerging Talent” competition where he won gold, becoming the first American to achieve this prestigious award. Josh specializes in both men’s and women’s haircutting and color.




A treatment service has been scientifically proven to decrease tension and increase blood flood flow to the head, all while purifying the scalp and hair follicles for optimal health.  This treatment is a literal game changer.


Our philosophy is about holistic practice.  In this world, people are faced with more stresses and pressures than ever before.  Our goal is to create a culture of self-care for our clients, with an emphasis on wellbeing both physically and mentally.  We are offering one of the most relaxing and healthful services not yet known in our market.  The Tokyo Head Spa is something that every person could benefit from.  Already a sensation in Japan, head spa services are trickling into the United States thanks to the incredible health and wellness benefits discovered.


We have chosen the most luxurious options on the market (hand made in Japan), The Spa Mist IIedges out other steamers as one of the most effective tools on the market. Strategically engineered, this wonder creating tool helps treatments to penetrate the hair, and then utilizes researched scientific methods to seal the follicle with a cooling mist; locking in applied treatments and making them more effective. This in combination with the “YUME” chair, which loosely translates to “dream,” shows us how it earned this title.  Customers can recline fully into luxury, as they lay down with a custom neck rest and contouring pillow to enjoy their rejuvenating treatment.


Notable Retail Brands:


DAPR has exclusivity in PA and is only the 4thAmerican retailer to be approved by the British Heritage Brand, Czech & Speake.  One of the most luxurious grooming and fragrance brands from across the pond.


Urban Apothecary is another high-end British retailer who creates incredible candles and other wonderful gifts.






Direct Contact:

Josh DeMarco


Parlour: 215-618-3089

Instagram @staydapr twitter @staydapr facebook/staydapr

125 S. 18th Street, 2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103


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