Oribe Introduces Their Amazing New Fragrance!

On November 20, 2014


We love Oribe hair products, most of our salons use them and we just die over the fresh and beautiful scent that our hair carries after we use any Oribe product! Now, not only our hair can carry the scent but our bodies can too! Yup that’s right, Oribe has just released their first line of fragrance that smells just like their hair products, if not even better! The Guru behind Jennifer Lopez’s, and Jessica Chastain’s bombshell manes has created Cote d Azur perfume. It has the same light and floral scent as his hair care line plus he is also launching Silver Pearl, which is more masculine and mysterious.

To create the signature perfume-grade scents, Oribe worked with the world’s finest French fragrance houses and after exploring several iterations that work for men and women alike, two fragrances stood above the rest which embody glamour, sex and fashion in a bottle.

You can buy the fragrance at one of our featured salons, Heads & Tails Beauty Boutique located in Rittenhouse or wherever Oribe products are sold! Click here to find out where Oribe is sold near you!

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